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External Building Cleaning

Your buildings reflect your company and your business ethos. The exterior of your property is the first view that visitors and staff have and creates that all-important first impression. Dirty or stained exterior, mold or moss patches, grass sprouting from gutters, dirty windows and doors can all create the wrong impression.

Max Value Building Cleaning Services L.L.C has many years of experience in Exterior Building Cleaning to ensure that your buildings project and endorse your core company values. Our services cover everything from:

  • Brick Cleaning
  • Commercial Building and Factory Cleaning
  • Facade and Cladding Cleaning
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • High-Level Cleaning
  • Listed Building Cleaning
  • Paint Removal
  • Render Cleaning
  • Stone Cleaning
  • Window Cleaning

We clean every type of external building material using only the best equipment and techniques. Our tried and trusted methods include pressure washing, hand scrubbing and hot steam cleaning including the industry-leading DOFF 150 Degree Centigrade steam-based, stone cleaning system, guaranteed to breathe new life into any building.